Koti Artikkelit NORDIC FRONTIER #119: Back with a Brit

NORDIC FRONTIER #119: Back with a Brit


NORDIC FRONTIER. Tonight we bring you a random assortment of grievances we have with the modern world. And also a Brit.


Porn – Inciting hatred against women

The latest cause for the mass raping of Swedish women – Dating apps

Hässleholm – on fire

Nibbas might riot at school start – Police pull out extra resources

Greta is at it – Again!

In the second segment we’ll invite Niall, who recently made his writing debut on nordicresistancemovement.org and we’ll talk to him about England, moving to Sweden and the national socialist struggle.

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7.00 PM in Iceland
8.00 PM in Denmark, Norway and Sweden
9.00 PM in Finland
2.00 PM Eastern Time (ET) on that side of the pond


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