Koti Artikkelit NORDIC FRONTIER #113: Fresh No-Go Zones for everyone!

NORDIC FRONTIER #113: Fresh No-Go Zones for everyone!


NORDIC FRONTIER. Up your Xanax intake, we’re opening another mixed bag!


Nordfront Media Bitchute

Nordic Frontier Bitchute

Latest Vid:

Andreas Johansson Soundcloud:


Action on the streets of Lund

  • Activist Marcus Hansson joins us to give us the scoop.

SVT ass action – you’re paying for it

List of “no-go” zones updated

Demographics – hijacking our holy democracy

Holohoax blogger of the year turned out to be a lying shiksa

New report shows – blacks don’t rape

Assange not to be arrested and brought to Sweden

Trump gay now

No law change for the Runes

Petrol revolution continues

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Live at:

7.00 PM in Iceland
8.00 PM in Denmark, Norway and Sweden
9.00 PM in Finland
2.00 PM Eastern Time (ET) on that side of the pond


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