Koti Uutisia Pohjoismaat NORDIC FRONTIER #105: A Nordic Voice

NORDIC FRONTIER #105: A Nordic Voice


NORDIC FRONTIER. Tonight Andreas and Johan shoot the breeze about the latest degeneracy. They also invite Max from the Nordic Voice to have a chat about the new show.

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Mixed bag:

Jared Taylor banned from Europe

Facebook asks for government regulation

Fittja rapists rewarded with rape money

Brå – Finding ethnical relations to crime

No driver’s licence and state issued online ID

Salvini wants to save Europe

Brunei sharia law

Police make sauna arrest in ghetto

Activity in Uddevalla

Update on the First of May demos

And more…

Second hour:

Max from Nordic Voice comes on to talk about the new show, the Nordic Voice.

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About Nordic Frontier

The Nordic Frontier is an English speaking podcast and a sister broadcast to the glorious Radio Nordfront. Our aim is to spread our political message of the Nordic Resistance Movement to a wider audience. Through theme- and discussion-based episodes we will dive deep into what National Socialism has to offer in the 21st century.

The format is not set in stone and everything is subject to change, the overall message is based on the political direction of the Nordic Resistance Movement but the individual opinions expressed by the hosts and guests are their own.

Permanent hosts: Andreas Johansson, Johan Svensson and Michael Hovila.