Koti Uutisia We march Towards freedom in Helsinki 6.12.!

We march Towards freedom in Helsinki 6.12.!


Once again we march in Helsinki Towards freedom on our independence day!

In Helsinki we march on Finland’s 100th birthday Towards freedom! Detailed information such as time and place will be published closer to the date of the event.

The event “Kohti vapautta!” was organized last year for the first time. This year all nationalist organizations may participate with their own flags and symbols. The organizers hope that the independence day will become a true nationalist festivity where all nationalists can march side by side in support of each other. Therefore we invite all nationalists to join us on December 6 in Helsinki and make our fatherland’s 100th birthday truly worthy!

For us our independence day is not a sad march of a dying nation but rather a march to uphold the fighting spirit. It is a march where we honor our freedom fighters in past, present and future. If you would like to fight for your future and show your support for the struggle we’ll see you in Helsinki on December 6!


Organizers of Kohti vapautta! (Towards freedom!) event