Koti Uutisia Pohjoismaat Rotumuukalaiset suurtappelussa Norjassa

Rotumuukalaiset suurtappelussa Norjassa


Niin sanotut turvapaikanhakijat aloittivat maanantaina joukkotappelun Arendalissa Norjassa. Poliisin mukaan tappelun syy oli ryhmän sisäinen välienselvittely. Kaiken kaikkiaan kolmisenkymmentä henkilöä osallistui kahakkaan.

Arendalin pormestarin Robert Cornelsin mukaan paikallisten ei tapahtuneesta huolimatta ole syytä olla huolissaan turvallisuudestaan. Cornelsin kanta on linjassa hänen edustamansa työväenpuolueen joukkomaahanmuuttopolitiikan kanssa.

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  1. Why has Norway had to take these disgusting parasites, foreigners and strangers? They found oil some 50 years ago and became therefore rather self-sufficient. Well, they don’t do too much with just the oil per se: they have to exchange it for rectangle-shaped, thin pieces made of linen and cotton i.e. money. And to be more specific: American dollars. US Dollar is a product manufactured for The Federal Reserve for a minimal cost. They then sell them to a company known as the United States of America in exchange for government obligations. Despite its name, the Fed is a 100-% privately owned company. They have the absolute monopoly for making money out of thin air. They’re above everything: IRS, FBI, CIA etc. Congress has to ask for them money as calculated in the federal budget. The Fed decides which projects it grants new, fresh money. They have everything under their uttermost control.

    So, how does this sound for a deal: you give us your precious oil that is needed for absolutely everything imaginable on this planet and we give you some garbage bags filled with rectangular, thin pieces made of linen and cotton? You can’t eat them, you can’t burn them to heat your dwelling, nor can you put them into the tank of your automobile. Debt alone is not such a bad thing, for it makes the bigger, more expensive purchases in life also possible for “normal” people who are not millionaires: sportsmen, chief executive officer, paid liars i.e. politicians or other traitors getting their fat paychecks out of the sweat of a working man. These days all sorts of cultural marxist bogus jobs are awarded to charlatans and turncoats — for their services against their own people — within the world of academics, politics, miscellaneous bureaucracy, banking sector and — of course — the Jewropean Jewnion. It’s needless to say that these exceedingly well-paying posts are paid from the taxes. We’re being destroyed from within, using our money!


  2. Mitäpä sitä nyt huolestumaan moisesta. Ihan normaalia että kylällä riehuu muutaman kymmentä aggressiivista potentiaalista kurkunleikkaajaa. Ähläm kum sähläm ja insallah.

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