Koti Artikkelit Vastarintaliike Nordic Resistance Movement’s political program in English

Nordic Resistance Movement’s political program in English


OUR PATH. This is the Nordic Resistance Movement’s political program translated to English. Read it, let yourself be inspired by it and spread it to as many people as you can.


In Our Path the nine points of our political program are elaborated upon to form a complete political platform with clear analyses and realistic solutions. The publication deals with mass immigration and race, geopolitics, Zionism, economic policy, form of government, freedom of speech and media, nature and the treatment of animals, environmental policy, national socialism, national defense, crimes and punishment and much, much more.

From the preface:

To all compatriots overseas!

Our Path is the party platform of the Nordic Resistance Movement. The Nordic Resistance Movement is a National Socialist organization operating throughout the Nordic countries. We are active both within the political system as well as outside the parliamentary order in our efforts to come to power and advance our political ambitions.

The difficult problems facing the Nordic region are in no way unique to our territory. On the contrary, nefarious and powerful forces have spread throughout our world like a cancer, with a common goal and approach. The whole world is affected. In order to overcome global Zionism and save our planet in the long run, it is not enough for those of us in the Nordic region to fight this fight alone. This is the reason we have translated this publication into English. Although our organization does not at this time exist outside of the Nordic region, we hope that our party platform will inspire others to advance these sound ideals all across the world.

As a European descendant the reader should, regardless of their current home country, sympathize with the content of this publication as it regards their racial survival as well. This fight should feel relevant and be considered to be in his or hers best interests. Although it was the English-speaking world that largely contributed to the eventual downfall of the Third Reich, the Nordic Resistance Movement is well aware that hundreds of thousands of people with their roots outside of the Nordic region have long ago seen through the lies we have been fed regarding Adolf Hitler and his movement.

We are also well aware of the power and potential which lies within the English-speaking world. We would do a grievous error if we chose not to spread our ideas to such a multi-faceted and varied readership.

This publication is a direct translation of the original version and is no way adapted for non-Nordic culture, politics and geography. Some things may, therefore, seem strange or irrelevant; but on the whole, the viewpoint is being presented and defined in an easy-to-understand and clear manner, showing what National Socialism in the 21st century actually means.

Download the PDF for free HERE.



Do you want to support the struggle?

Economical support The Nordic Resistance Movement is always in need of economical support. The organization receives no state funding, and you as an individual can make a great difference by supporting us and visiting our webshop Kadulle.com. Consider it an investment in a brighter future.

Journalistic support We are on a constant lookout for interesting news to write about. If you have a news story from where you live, do not hesitate to contact us. Tips, news, self-written articles, photographies or movies of interesting recent events that can be featured on our website, are more than welcome.

Submissions can be made to: vastarintaliike[at]vastarinta.com

Get organized As of now we are only active in the Nordic countries, and even though we have no immediate plans to expand outside of the North, we are indeed open for suggestions and good ideas. We also maintain good relations with several nationalistic organizations around the world, and may aid you in coming into contact with such an organization in your country.

Contact us at: vastarintaliike[at]vastarinta.com


Nordic Resistance Movement


  1. Kiitos Huolastamme. He jotka elivät, uskoivat. kovat on ajassa, ihuisuudessa. kansa kertoi tolppien sijainnin. jos kansa luulee ottavansa haltuun. Ei nyt.

  2. Perfect! Many European friends have been asking for this for quite some time!

  3. Tämä on todella tärkeä dokumentti! YLE-valemedia ja muut sionistiset mediat levittävät kaikenlaista valhetta PVL:stä, joten viittaamalla tähän poliittiseen ohjelmaan voidaan paljastaa kansojen vihollisten valheet.

  4. Greetings, I am writing because I visited your website and I am concerned with the transformation of Europe that is occurring because of all the Muslim migrants that are being let in in incredible numbers. If you are anti-Jew or racist then I deplore you; but if you are taking a strong stand against the slow and violent takeover of Scandanavia by Muslim jihadist then I salute you. Who is right in this debate? AP claims that nearly all Swedes are comfortable with the Muslim migration. However people like Glenn Beck, Pam Geller, and Robert Spencer are claiming that yhe once peaceful and beautiful Sweden is being transformed into a chaotic mess. Islam’s goal is world domination one country at a time. Is it conceivable that Sweden will overrun by these people who do not respect western values and western women? Is it true what Ann Coulter has said that Sweden is becoming the rape capital of the world? I can only hope that your country will never become like Pakistan – a backward country that is ruled by a bunch of headchopping Muslim fascists! As I’m sure you can see I am not politically correct. Obama and Merkel have done much to bring these migrants who feel as though they don’t have to respect our way of life. This is one reason that I am glad that our country doesn’t have just a new president but a better president – Donald Trump. The rise of the Islamic octopus that is spreading its tenicles throughout the globe is evil. The only way to fight evil isn’t with a stronger evil but with good. St. Paul wrote, “Be not overcome with evil but overcome evil with good.” (Romans 12:21) As a Christian I am called to represent Christ not myself. If the false gospel of Islam is to be stopped it will only be through the one true gospel of Christ. I have sought to do just that. Last year I sent Swedish Bible tracts to 2 Sweden based ministries. I can only hope that God can use my letter and those tracts to help spark revival in your country.

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