Koti Artikkelit Vastarintaliike Nordic Resistance Movement’s demonstration in Turku on August 18

Nordic Resistance Movement’s demonstration in Turku on August 18


The Nordic Resistance Movement will organize a demonstration this August in the city of Turku. As many of you may already know the political police will continue its show trial against the freedom of assembly of our movement. The earlier District Court case was held in Tampere region.

The purpose of the demonstration is to protest the worsening situation with the freedom of speech in Finland. The establishment tries to scare people quiet with their thought crime cases and Orwellian “hate speech” rhetoric. Simultaneously, they try to establish multiculturalism as the official state ideology which one is not allowed to challenge.

The demonstration will be a public display of our opposition against the aforementioned developments and the ban against our movement. We will demonstrate that nationalist activities cannot be suppressed with vague scare tactics and we will show that the Finnish resistance will continue regardless.

The demonstration will take place in Turku on Saturday August 18. We invite all nationalist people to join us and show support for the Resistance Movement.

According to the information received there will also be other nationalist events that day as the date is set one year after Finland’s first multicultural terrorist attack in Turku. The terror is one of the direct consequences of current immigration policies. The perpetrator was an asylum seeker who stabbed random passers-by to death in the city center.

It is grotesque that as we have to face the increasing and more brutal immigration violence the authorities are hell-bent on adding more and more constraints against Finnish nationalists. The date has become a symbol of these backwards times.

Kansallinen Vastarinta (vastarinta.com) will inform more about the event later. See you in Turku on the August 18 2018!

Nordic Resistance Movement – Finland


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