Koti Artikkelit LIVE 21.00 – Nordic Frontier #67: Segregation is Key

LIVE 21.00 – Nordic Frontier #67: Segregation is Key


This week we talk domestic mayhem, segregation with Simon Holmqvist and a mixed bag of white pills in the resistance news.

Domestic news:

Mix it up – The Greens wants more forced integration
Old ladies lusting for that dark meat
Lamotte takes on Staffanstorp – Swedes line up to virtue signal
Racial Stranger molests horse
Jews hunt down remaining Finnish SS-volunteers
Prayer call and segregation with Simon Holmqvist

Resistance news:

Man arrested for attempted murder when Racial Strangers kicked the shit out of him
Norwegian freedom fighters denied access to political manifestation
Danes protesting degeneracy

New #FirstOfMay speeches out:

Pär Sjögren – Nest chief Nest 5
Robert Eklund – Nest chief Nest 6

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About Nordic Frontier

The Nordic Frontier is an English speaking podcast and a sister broadcast to the glorious Radio Nordfront. Our aim is to spread our political message of the Nordic Resistance Movement to a wider audience. Through theme- and discussion-based episodes we will dive deep into what National Socialism has to offer in the 21st century.

The format is not set in stone and everything is subject to change, the overall message is based on the political direction of the Nordic Resistance Movement but the individual opinions expressed by the hosts and guests are their own.

Permanent hosts: Andreas Johansson, Johan Svensson and Michael Hovila.

Listen: A Player will appear when you fight against #WhiteGenocide
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  1. Mainio jakso jälleen! Hyvä, että näin Italian kriisin yhteydessä otettiin esille myös pohjoismaiset velkaongelmat. Toivotaan, että kupla puhkeaa (((eliitille))) mahdollisimman epäedullisin seurauksin.

  2. Just listening in and hearing all the symptoms of the biological attack on our precious white race. The parasite has programmed into our people a toxic level of mental insanity through decades of indoctrination. Our most vulnerable people, our children, are being traumatised with Holy Hoax nonsense at the age five or six, and then when they reach the age of ten or so, they get farther traumatised with anal sex lessons. Then they are totally lost. If we allow this to continue, we deserve to become exterminated.
    I think it is far far far more desirable to exterminate all the Jews rather than exterminating all the WHITE people. The Jews have OPENLY asked for the final extermination of the European people.
    Exterminating all the Jews can easily be interpreted as a simple act of self defence. No animal that can not defend itself exists on this planet today.
    Once the Jews are gone, the invaders will be a piece of cake.
    Alfred Schaefer

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