Koti Uutisia Demonstration in Gothenburg the 30th of September – information in English

Demonstration in Gothenburg the 30th of September – information in English


DEMONSTRATION. On the 30th of September the Nordic Resistance Movement is holding a demonstration in central Gothenburg with the slogan “Revolt against the traitors!”

The politicians in the Swedish parliament as well as the European Parliament have flung our nation’s borders wide open to an unprecedented invasion. Along with the journalists from the mainstream media they try to cover up the devastating consequences this mass immigration brings, while doing anything to silence those who tell the truth. Together they are seeking the destruction of our people!

For someone in a position of power to deliberately work against the interests of our people and nation is treason. For these traitors to then exploit every aspect of society to protect themselves from any accountability is utterly corrupt.

The Nordic Resistance Movement does not recognize the current Swedish government as being legitimate, instead we regard them as a bunch of criminals. Nor do we believe that the large media corporations are fulfilling their responsibility of being scrutinizers of the government – on the contrary, they are a propaganda apparatus for the establishment, and are enemies of the people. Today’s politicians and journalists are nothing short of robbers and traitors!

“If a government uses its power to purposefully destroy a people, revolting against the government is not just a right but a duty for every citizen.”

All updates with information about the demonstration will be published on our campaign-site which you can find here.

Please help us spread the word to ensure there will be a large turnout. Do contact us at info[at]revoltera.nu if you have any questions.

Revolt against the traitors. It is your right and your duty. We look forward to seeing you in Gothenburg on the 30th of September!